22 January 2016

Can’t wait to share this news. As you all know the last year has proven to be a major success, from winning awards and receiving features on national radio. The exciting news just doesn’t stop as I will soon be dropping my latest track that’s featuring a very special guest. Make sure to

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05 January 2016

Finally received my long awaited interview clip which is now on You Tube !! I was interviewed by Alan Gilmour, Director of Australian Songwriting Association about my song "Undecided" feat. Judd Field and also about my songwriting journey in general. Here is the you Tube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_9bBI4tDps

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22 December 2015

Just want to say thanks to all of you who followed my musical journey in 2015 and supported and appreciated my songs and releases. This year was a very exciting year for me and ended it on a high note when my track "Undecided" feat. Judd Field topped this year's Australian Songwriting Contest

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05 December 2015

I cant believe this !! My latest release "Undecided" feat. Judd Field has topped the Contemporary Pop/Dance Category at this years Australian Songwriting Contest (2015). I have also secured 3rd place in both Ballad ("Rolling Over") and Rock/Indie categories. Thank you once again to everyone who listens to my songs and appreciates what

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01 November 2015

Very excited to find out that several songs of mine made it to the Top 30 under the BALLAD, POP-DANCE CONTEMPORARY, OPEN and ROCK INDIE Categories at 2015 Australian Songwriting Contest. Final Top 10 positions will be announced at the main event on 4th December. You can check out the Top 30 list

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31 October 2015

Here is a special Halloween Club Mix "Who Tha Hell" featuring the versatile and talented Artist Stella Rhymes from Sydney. Let the Ghosts and Ghouls dance off their skeletons in your head !!  Happy Halloween !!

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15 September 2015

Finally the winner is Mary Ann Van Der Horst (X-Factor 2014) !!!! She will be featured on my next track "Deep Down" which is a Pop-Dance track with a great catchy chorus. The track is being currently produced by Sydney's highly reputed and sought after producer Sven Tydeman from Kitty Groove Studios. Will

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02 July 2015

When The Stars Align !! Yes thats what happens when Sydney's top notch Producer-Sven Tydeman, "Mystery Artist" and myself collaborate for our upcoming Commercial Radio release "Deep Down". Its an uptempo Pop-Dance number which is currently under production at the Kitty Groove Studios and is positioned to be released in the second half

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05 January 2015

Wish you all a very Happy new Year !! Very pleased to present my first track of 2015 "Rear View Mirror" Featuring the very talented and popular singer Mary Kiani !! Mary Kiani is a Scottish Diva turned Sydney songstress who had numerous chart topping singles both in the UK Chart as well

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25 December 2014

Just want to thank all of you for visiting my website and supporting me in my songwriting journey throughout this year. 2014 was a great year for me as two of my commercial releases, AEIOU feat. Blue (Celeste Newman) and Undecided feat. Judd Field, got radio plays on MaxFM (NSW), The Hit List-2SSR

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