Anirban Jee
#1 on World Indie Music Chart Top 100 & #3 on European Indie Music Chart (2023). 2018 Songwriter of the Year (Aus. Songwriting Contest) & 2017 Songwriter of the Year (SongsAlive Australia)
Winner of multiple Category awards at Songwriting contests.
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songwriter Songwriter
Secured numerous commercial and community radio plays across Australia and international radio stations. Interviewed and releases featured by popular online music magazines and blogs.
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songwriter Composer
Anirban’s compositions have managed to reach #1 at Australian Songwriting Contest, SongsAlive Australia Song Comp and also secured a Finalist position at UK Songwriting Contest.
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Anirban Jee

About Me


Musical devotion can go two ways, it’s either a hobby, or it’s your life. For Anirban Jee, his musical awakening spawned at the vibrant age of 12, when he received his first electronic keyboard. Heavily influenced by a diverse range of musical genres through the 80’s and 90’s, Anirban found himself heavily inspired by pop icons such as Elton John, Richard Marx, Maxwell, Sting, Carol King and many more. During his teen years, AJ found himself dabbling in numerous tuition courses and on the back of many years studying Piano/Keyboard through school and university, Anirban had honed his musical growth to original songwriting and musical compositions.

With a unique and diverse musical approach, Anirban’s compositions have managed to reach number one position at finals of the Australian Songwriters Contest, secure numerous commercial and community radio plays across Australia and even peg a Top 10 spot on Triple-J’s Unearthed Dance Charts where his track remained at the top 10 position for over 3 weeks!

In his early years of songwriting, Anirban managed to catch the attention of Australian music industry heavy weight producer and ‘song doctor’ Matt O’Connor (Thirsty Merc, The Beautiful Girls) from the A&R Department, Sydney. Originally discovered from a rough demo, Matt O’Connor took Anirban under his wing to further develop and hone his craft.

His 2014 debut commercial single “AEIOU” featuring Blue (Celeste Newman) released under the banner of The A&R Department secured air play on FM radio stations across 5 states and even pegged a Top 10 ranking in multiple categories at the 2014 Australian Songwriting awards.

His second release “Undecided” featuring Judd Field secured number one position at the 2015 Australian Songwriting Contest under the Contemporary Pop/Dance category. The track got aired by numerous Radio Stations across Australia such as MaxFM (NSW), 2GN Radio (NSW), 3ZZZ FM (Melbourne), Roccy FM (NSW) and also enjoyed a good spin across various AMRAP Airit community radio stations.

His latest release “Deep Down” featuring X-Factor artist Mary Ann Van Der Horst has pegged number one position under the International Category at 2017 Australian Songwriting Awards. Several of his songs also ended up getting Top 10 placements in multiple categories at the awards.

After years of collaborative work within the music industry, Anirban’s current series of composition alone range from POP, Urban, Dance, R&B which feature a unique and un‐patterned soulful infusion that’s embedded in an expressive lyrical muster.

Having recently worked with many sought after music producers such as Adrian Hannan (Delta Goodrem, Gabriella Cilmi, Taxi Ride, The Androids), Sven Tydeman (Josh Pyke, Tina Cousins, Candice Alley), Tony Cvetkovski, David Gugliotta, Daniel Diaz and Dax Liniere, AJ’s compositions and songwriting repertoire have attracted many talented singers from the Australian music industry including artists from X-Factor and The voice.

All commercial releases are available for download on iTunes and through all good music stores.




Deep Down feat. Mary Ann Van Der Horst(Produced by Sven Tydeman, Kitty Groove Studios. Ranking: Secured #1 position at 2017 Australian Songwriting Contest (International Category))
Download From iTunes
Undecided feat. Judd Field(Produced, Programmed, Mixed and Mastered by Adrian Hannan for the Song Store. Ranking: Secured #1 position at 2015 Australian Songwriting Contest (Contemporary Pop Category))
Download from iTunes
AEIOU feat. Celeste Newman(Produced, Programmed, Mixed and Mastered by Adrian Hannan for the Song Store. Record Label: The A&R Department; Embassy Publishing. Ranking: Secured Top 10 position at 2014 Australian Songwriting Contest (Contemporary Pop Category))
Download from Music Sales Creative Au

Unreleased Policy


This is an extract compiled from the song library of Anirban Jee, songwriter-composer, showcasing some of his award winning tracks which he has written and composed over several years. Most of his songs feature popular male and female artists who have established themselves in the music industry. Before you start listening, there are a few things you need to know….


Songs on this site have been produced by a myriad of different producers over many years. Most songs are un-mastered pre-production samples. Artists, Music Publishers and Record Labels interested in any particular track for collaboration or commercial release can contact Anirban Jee.


The categories these songs are classified are only reflective of the way songs exist in their current production incarnation. Whether you are looking for a song for yourself or simply exploring in an A&R capacity, its strongly recommended that you browse through all the categories as some of the songs are of the crossover variety and do cut across more than one genre.

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